Alaskan Cruise Photography – Day One At Sea

The next batch of photos are up at Flickr for our first day at Sea.  We departed from Seattle at 4 on Satuday and spent Sunday in its entirety cruising through the inside passage.  I was able to do something I had not done in a long time – nothing (requiring a computer).  Yoga, spinning, watching for whales and porpoise; watching Trevor play ping pong, hot tubing, scouting out scavenger hunt locations for the pending Alaskan SQL Cruise. Reading a book that was not on a computer.  Spending time with my family.

There.  Nothing of significance.  Please go about your business. 

Oh, PSA time:  if you find yourself doing yoga or spinning on a cruise ship don’t do so facing the windows.  You will appear intoxicated to those around you when you proceed to intermitently fall over or dump off your bike.