Help A SQL Sister Out

I have a friend named Yanni.  Many of you know her as well.  She needs no last name here – how many Yannis do YOU know?

Yanni is an amazing soul, so many times giving of herself, without thinking of herself.  Earlier this year she stepped in to make my son Trevor’s serious hospital stay so much brighter though she was struggling with her own health battles at the same time.

I’m also proud to say that she’s a Survivor. 

She’s better now.  As she put it a while back: She kicked Cancer’s Ass.  Now she’s back in the fray to help fund the fight for others and prove to herself she still has the drive, skill, and power to get back on top of the world. 


Yanni is training to summit Mt. Rainer later this month.  She’s been training for four months now and she’s almost there.  She’s surpassed her financial goals, but she’s never been a “Meets Expectations” kind of gal.  She’s out to Exceed Expectations and I think she can do it easily with our help.

Please visit Yanni’s fundraising page for all the details on what the climb is about.  You can also follow her progress as well as her SQL musings on her blog.