Top Ten Things I Learned Last Week: Tech Ed 2010 Edition

  1. I learned that I was able to teach Itzik Ben-Gan something about SQL Server and Oracle.  I’m wearing adult diapers until the thrill wears off.  This may be sometime around when I’ll need to start wearing adult diapers for other reasons.

    Someone lit the DBA Signal!

  2. I learned I wanted one of these.  Thanks Buck Woody (twitter|web)!
  3. I learned that the cloud is loud, farts, and ist totally portable.
  4. I learned that in various, cumulative aromas of NOLA are time-sensitive:  In the morning it smells like a fraternity house on Sunday morning.  At Noon it’s rendolent of (I suspect) a homeless man’s scrotum.  In the evening it smells like Cleveland, which is surprisingly an improvement.
  5. I learned that Sean McCown’s (twitter|web) Hurculean hair does not protect him against cooties.  Or perhaps Jen McCown (twitter|web) has Über Cooties. 
  6. I learned that Brent Ozar (twitter|web) has mastered the Space-Time Continuum and that Future Brent Ozar he will actually eat cafeteria food.
  7. I learned that the folks at SQL Sentry (twitter|web) are extremely generous
  8. I learned that Kevin Kline (twitter|web) can’t keep up with us, but Allen White (twitter|web) can.
  9. I learned Adam Machanic (twitter|web) is an evil genius of SQL Server and potent potables.
  10. I learned just how hard it is to coordinate dinner plans with people who still use a phone that can only make calls and tell the time.  Yes, I’m speaking to you Tony Davis