Buck Woody Has Issues Episode 2: Attack of the Groans

Just like we did at PASS 2009 I am performing a list of all those offended by Buck in his session.  This time it is Database Development and we’re at TechEd in New Orleans.  Buck had 3 quad expressoes by 11am.  It should be apparent…

  1. Baldness
  2. Tom LaRock’s hair
  3. Devs
  4. DBAs
  5. Bill Gates
  6. Those who have difficulty not vomitting when they find out Buck Woody works for their company (See previous.)
  7. Tony Davis, the British as a whole
  8. Tourettes
  9. People who put people into two categories:  those who put people into two categories and those who don’t.
  10. Narcoleptics
  11. Schitzophrenics
  12. Quest
  13. Brent Ozar
  14. Kevin Kline
  15. Kevin Kline’s luggage, er, suitcase, er steamer trunk, er laptop case.
  16. Kevin Kline’s compensation for something because of the size of his laptop case
  17. Testers – the common enemy of the DBA, Database Professional, and Dev.
  18. Users (see Testers)
  19. Tom LaRock (again again)
  20. Pencils, erasers, DBA penises, and circumcision.
  21. Access Developers aka. varchar(250) lovers
  22. Parolees
  23. NoSQL
  24. Unix
  25. Univac Developers
  26. Andy Warren
  27. Database Diagrams
  28. Buck’s Bad Thing
  29. Tools that are not a tool.  (See #27-28)
  30. Those who use long entity names with numbers
  31. Microsoft (see #30)
  32. CA