MSSQLTips 2013 Champion Award

I was caught off guard yesterday when a box arrived from my friends at Edgewood Solutions.  You may know Edgewood better by the site they run,  Shortly after my first writing “gig”, an article for Simple-Talk back in 2007, I was approached by Jeremy Kadlec and Greg Robidoux at Edgweood about writing for their site.  I’d known them each for a few years by then and Greg was one of the first people I met in the SQL Community.  We were the first leaders of the DBA Special Interest Group (aka DBA SIG) along with Lynda Rab and Nancy Hidy-Wilson.  The SIGs would eventually morph into the PASS Virtual Chapters.  Back in 2002 when we started those though the word “virtual” had no bearing beyond science fiction though (if you can believe that!)

I ended up eventually writing over 100 articles for MSSQLTips through the years but started to write less and less as I got involved in running SQL Cruise and my own blog here.  It’s difficult when you write for an established site with many authors because an idea comes to you that you feel you can write about only to find out someone on the same site has already covered the topic.  I found myself embracing the freedom I had with my own site to write about the things I wanted to without worrying about whether the topic had been covered.  MSSQLTips still churns out some great content and it hits my inbox daily even though it’s been a couple years since I’ve provided them with content.

mssqltips-1That is why yesterday was a pleasant surprise.  I was notified by Jeremy that a “Token of Appreciation” was on its way to me.  This is what I received.

I’d like to publicly thank Greg, Jeremy, and everyone else involved with running MSSQLTips.  This is an endeavor they do as a service to the SQL Community and they do so out of their own pockets.  Not only do they provide good educational content to SQL Professionals but they also give new writers a chance to get established and gain exposure.

Without the exposure they gave me it’s quite a good assumption that I’d not have been as engaged in the SQL Community as I am.  There is a good chance I’d not be a Microsoft MVP (or it would have taken me longer to be awarded that status.)

Edgewood Solutions was also one of the first sponsors for SQL Cruise when the idea sounded unbelievable.  Their financial contribution helped SQL Cruise become a success the first time out.

So while they awarded me with this “Token of Appreciation” I’d like to let them know the feeling is completely mutual.

Thank you, and I look forward to writing for you again some time soon.