Wisconsin Here We Come

Tomorrow I’ll be packing up my youngest son, aka #SQLTrevor, and heading to the land of Milk and Honey Beer to present at SQL Saturday 118 being held in Madison.  This is my first trip to Madison, but if it’s at all like just a portion of what I’ve heard it described as it sounds as though I may be accused of parental kidnapping early next week because I just may not want to return.  Does anyone know what the postage rate is to ship an 84 pound boy from Madison, WI to Kalamazoo, MI just in case?

My topic, Performance-Enhanced Laziness is not meant to the a guide to slacking off at work, but rather a tips n’ tricks guide to making your life a bit easier when dealing with those databases you manage.  I’ll be covering:

  • What to look at the first thing in the morning; the things that can get you fired if they don’t work.  These are my “Coffee Reports”.
  • Dealing with recurring tasks: if you wanted to do repetitive tasks every day until you retire you’d have dropped out of 9th grade and stuck with corn de-tasselling  job you picked up that summer in high school.
  • Capacity planning at a high level:  watching the size of those transaction logs, keeping an eye on drive space, and managing auto-growth.
  • The bare minimums of performance analysis: looking at waits, IO, and performance counters with DMVs.

So please join me in Madison on April 21, 2012 for SQL Saturday 118.  I’ll even be bringing along a few SQL Cruise goodies for some lucky winners!