SQL Saturday 31 Chicago Follow Up

I find myself sitting in the back of Jeremiah Peschka’s (web|twitter) session on Internals of The SQL Query Optimizer looking back on two presentations I conducted earlier today.  Both ran long – 1 due to starting late, the other because it was just too damn big.  Overall things went well.  My shrinkingisbadandyoumustnotdoitorkittensaredevouredbyalligatorswhicharefedtobiggeralligatorswhicharethenrunoverbydrunkentruckers did not produce the results I want (or one would expect) unless I was troubleshooting it in the back of Jorge Segarra’s(web|twitter) session. 

Never the mind though.  It’s not like it started raining metors or something because a demo tanked.  No earthquakes hit; no volcanoes erupted.  Life went o…





No kidding?

Sorry, I was just informed that there were meteors over Chicago, an earthquake in Mexico, and a violent eruption in Iceland.  Shit.  My bad.

Well, at any rate the presentations have been uploaded to http://thesqlagentman.com/presentationfiles .  Use them with care.  These things are apparently dangerous when they fail.