Tech-Ed 2010 Wrap Up



Someone lit the DBA Signal!


Beware of Elves Bearing ShotsLady Buck BuckThe humidity aged Brent Ozar Something Fierce!

If you’re reading this blog then you are well aware that last week was Tech-Ed 2010 in New Orleans.  Typical of my history I start off with grand designs of blogging daily about the sessions and experiences I’ve had when travelling to events like Tech-Ed, PASS Summit, or SQL Saturday.  Then I peter-out after the first or second day.
Why is that?  Probably because there is simply too much to fit into an entire day at these events.  Or it is the 3 hours of sleep I get each night because I’m out drinking networking with my peers nightly and back up for it all over again at 7:00am 8:00am 9:00am the next same day.     
I used to scoff at the idea that you learn more outside of sessions than in them, then I realized that it is the people that make the event – not the subject matter.  I was able to sit down at almost all hours of the day and night with server admins, SAN engineers, DBAs, Developers, DBAs that are SAN experts and so forth and discuss in detail my issues at work and get suggestions and resolution.  Not on a conference call.  Not on a technical support call to Microsoft.  Not by the water cooler in the office.       

Don’t get me wrong, I did attend some great sessions by Andrew Kelly, Brent Ozar, and Buck Woody.  (Well, by Andrew and Brent at any rate.)  But I was able to also spend hours outside of sessions with these same individuals and flesh out details of their expertise that specifically pertain to me.  Priceless, to say the least.    

Therefore I’m not going to bore you with the recap of sessions attended or lessons learned.  Instead I will entertain you (hopefully) with pictures of these same individuals you may know; doing stupid things.  All shots here and on the Flickr stream accessible via this blog were taken using either the default camera or my favorite Droid app: FxCamera.    

Oh, and Lil’ Buck, we’ll always have NOLA…       

Me and Li'l Buck in a Private Moment


The humidity aged Brent Ozar Something Fierce!Lady Buck Buck (and this man doesn't drink?)





Attempt to explain Buffer while on Bourbon Street