The Blind DBAs and the Elephant

Dev Connections 2013

I’ve picked up a third session at this year’s SQL Connections Conference in Las Vegas.  I’m trying something different for this one and you get to drive the content!  The session is titled “My Daily DMVs” but I’m referring to the collective “My” in this case.  I originally planned this to be a presentation on how I use Dynamic Management Objects, System Compatibility Views, System Functions and other available metadata to get through the day in a more-productive fashion.  However, I’m a single blind person walking around the elephant that is SQL Server Administration.  I have only one insight into what my environment and user interactions with data is like.  Each one of us encounters different challenges when dealing with SQL Server.

Therefore what I’m looking for is not to present on how I solve my problems daily with SQL Server metadata, but rather how we can solve our problems with these constructs.

Please provide your answers here as a comment. (I know, I’m asking you to provide a comment in a blog instead of Twitter! Bah!)

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Whether you’re attending or not I’m asking for your answer to the following question:

“What three questions do your end users or clients bring to you for solving on a daily basis?”

See You in Las Vegas?

That’s it.  Give me your best three shots here by 9/10/13 and I’ll work the best fits into OUR presentation at Connections 2013!  If you’re planning on attending let me know that as well because I may call on you during the presentation to have you pose the question live.

I must be standing in the wrong spot because this elephant must be standing above a very low coconut tree…