SQLAgentMan Contest #1 Results Are In

First of all, thank you for taking the time to take a stab at the mysterious code that would have brought periodic timeouts and increasing performance issues to the database I was upgrading in this real world situation.  Those were the key factors that many of you missed.  The command would not cause an outtage.  Some of you seemed to get hung up on this and others fed off of it.  Throwing some of you off the mark.

In the end, many of you did figure out I was referring to…


Each of you get a virtual pat on the back for taking the time to comment.  I can’t give you a virtual slap on the fanny Brent, so stop asking!  Ultimately though, we had four correct guesses:

Michelle Ufford (who guessed it first)

Brent Ozar (of course, after a diabolical suggestion that I dare not repeat again.)

SQL Princess, who’s original suggestion, dropping the sa login would be dastardly, but would not kill performance.  Thankfully you are prevented from dropping sa!.  Just for thinking that though, SQL Princess, we need to ask that you never touch one of our instances.

Mike Walsh, who in an amazing gymnastic feat of back/forth/back again comments that made my brain cry after a while.

There were a few very creative ideas in the lot.  I hope for the sake of others like me that you never jump to the dark side.  At that point I think I’d finally pick up on that dream to be an alpaca farmer.  But enough already, there can be only one.  So who receives the prize of untold wealth?  Why that is our Index Guruess, Michelle Ufford!  Michelle, I need to now dig through my son’s room for something I was going to throw out my treasure trove of swag and get it in the mail to you.  Please email me you address and I’ll hopefully get it to you in the next week or so.  I’ll be sure to post a pictue of the prize in the next day or so.  Let’s just say you’ll all be mighty impressed with the trash I can find in this office

Brent may be able to throw in a XXXXXXL Quest shirt as well for your camping needs this summer.  I bet he still has a few left, right Brent?