Professional Courtesy Is Not Full of Suck

K. Brian Kelley recently blogged on SQL Server Central about what may be the worst display of unprofessionalism I’ve seen in my years as a software professional.  Note that I did not say SQL Professional, as I think what he spoke to transends development platforms.  I’ll not detail here what he spoke to as it would steal traffic from a fine post on a fantastic site.  I can only hope to drive the 5 people that read this blog over to SQL Server Central.

Let’s just say that if you expect your customers to do your work for you then you should not have customers, and you won’t for too long.  Be dilligent, be thorough, be smart, build good solutions.

Brian, if dealing with poor vendors involved one-upsmanship you’d win.  However, it looks like you end up losing instead, because the product and vendor you outlined was full of all kinds of suck.