PASS After Dark Part Two – Transit and Travel

I’ve been seeing may tweets floating around about travel to and from the Seattle-Tacoma airport from the Washington State Convention Center and conference hotels.  It should be noted that this can all be done on the cheap without the need of a rental car.  The transit system in Seattle proper is one of the best in the nation.  The new light rail system adds even more value, particularly for those trips to and from SEA-TAC.

The Sound Transit light rail is up and operational between Tukwila and Seattle.  The final 2.some-odd mile stretch from Tukwila to the airport is slated for completion by year-end, so don’t plan on hopping off the plane and transferring to light rail as a single, seamless operation.    However, a 2-3 mile taxi ride to the light rail station in Tukwila is much more palatable than the typical $40-50 ride into Seattle from past years.  Hop on the light rail in Tukwila, disembark at your stop of choice in the greater downtown Seattle area.  The Westlake station is probably going to be the closest for you if staying at the Sheraton.  If you don’t pack heavy it is a few blocks walking distance.  A taxi ride is suggested if you don’t pack like a hippie heading out to Burning Man.  The ride time, according to the transit’s website is 34 minutes. 

King County Metro Transit’s website offers tools for finding buses in and around Seattle and surrounding cities.  The bus system is clean, efficient, and timely.  Oh, and cheap.  If memory serves we’re talking $1.25-$1.50 including transfers.  There is also a free-ride area all around downtown.  Hop on.  Hop Off. 

I’ve always felt safe walking around Seattle at all hours of the day and night.  If you lean towards the cautious, buddy-up with someone and get out to explore the locations that I’ll introduce you to throughout this series.  By all means, come early to PASS and then stay through the weekend.  Seattle is a wonderful city to explore and the natural areas in and around Seattle are even more magnificent.