DMV Starter Pack E-Book Available Now

It’s no secret that Louis Davidson and I are working on a book for Red Gate on Dynamic Management Views.  Good news is that we’re close… oh so close.  In the meantime Red Gate has published a DMV Starter Pack that includes exerpts from our book along with content from our Technical Editor: fellow SQL Server MVP Glenn Alan Berry.  To top it off, we also have yet another SQL Server MVP, Adam Machanic on board for information on his Who Is Active comprehensive script that I call-out in my Connections, Sessions, and Requests chapter.

The Starter Pack is available via download here.  The link also allows you to take advantage of a 14-day fully-functional free trial of Red Gate’s SQL Response tool.  I recommend downloading both: get primed for the upcoming release of our book (now listed on and also take SQL Response out for a spin.