SQL Saturday #27 Wrap Up and Presentation Files Link

Thank you Portland, Oregon and all those associated with puting together and participating in SQL Saturday #27 on 5/22/2010.  I would personally like to thank the anonymous, but freakishly tall gentleman who attended my last session of the day and was somehow able to reach the projector on the ceiling in order to restart it after the “smart classroom” figured we were done for the day when in fact we were just starting to look at the first demo script.  I don’t know how you people survive who are over 5’10” what with all the depleted oxygen up there.  But thanks again tall guy!  Saved you all seeing me jump around with a long stick in my hand trying to hit the power button like some sort of spastic, geeky Don Quixote.

I had a great time, learned a great deal myself, and had an opportunity every once in a while to get a word out of my gob when talking with Buck Woody.  I think my personal best was 5 words in a row, but that may have been a conversion to metric to make the stats look better.

As promised, the presentation slides and scripts are available on the Presentations page of this site.  I hope expectations were met or exceeded for everyone who attended each session.  Perhaps I’ll even see a couple of you at SQLCruise as well; in the much warmer climes of Florida this August.