SQL Cruise Bon Voyage Party

Yesterday was our official send-off to those joining us on SQL Cruise #1 which leaves from the port of Miami this afternoon.

Gareth and Jennifer Swanepoel, along with their son Chris welcomed us to their home and put on an amazing buffet of grilled food and fruity drinks; their inviting pool was a big hit with everyone.  I’m quite sure you’ll see pictures tweeted out over the coming days of the events that transpired there.  I particularly enjoyed using the kiddie slide as it was just my height.

So where to go from here?  The cruisers are meeting up and heading down to the dock starting around 10 am then it is on board
for the first day of the cruise – sponsored on Day one by SQL Sentry.  We will have a full post tomorrow on day one of the cruise including the winner of the SQL Sentry net book and a link to photos from the SQL Cruise BBQ and Day One in the post.  It will get a little quiet after that; international waters and foreign countries make Internet access painful at best.  

Until then check out Brent’s and my Flickr feeds here for SQL Cruise tagged photos.