SQL Saturday 104 – Colorado Springs

This weekend I’ll be bringing my little roadshow to Colorado Springs for the first SQL Saturday of 2012.  This will be the swan song for my Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects presentation as I revamp it for the changes coming with SQL Server 2012 (formerly code-name Denali).  Please join me at 8:30AM Mountain Time at SQL Saturday Colorado Springs.

About the Presentation

The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects

Taking the periodic table of elements into consideration I’ve created The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects as a reference tool for these functions and views that have become so critical for today’s SQL Server DBA to performance tune and gain metadata insights into their various SQL instances. In navigating the table we will examine key DMVs and DMFs of interest: requests, sessions, wait stats, indexes, system information will all be covered. We will also delve into how these DMOs – just like their elemental counterparts – can be combined to yeild interesting insights into your servers. We will also look at how things can go awry as well! Like mixing vinegar and baking soda, sometimes combining DMOs can cause a big mess too!

Session Level: Intermediate

Tim Ford is the Lead Database Administrator and SQL Server Subject Matter Expert for Spectrum Health. Since 2010 he’s been taking 15 students along with other community speakers teaches SQL Server, networks, and relaxes on SQL Cruises (sqlcruise.com). Tim is a community speaker, volunteer, and author. His book with Louis Davidson: Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views is now widely available; as an avid telecommuter, he rarely wears pants.

I’ll be bringing my son Austen along so we can take some time after the event to wean him off of Michigan skiing.  (If you have any 13-year old daughters feel free to bring them along to the event to keep him company – he’s mostly harmless.)  We’re heading to Keystone for 3 days of skiing and relaxation.  I can’t wait – it’s been since my first PASS Summit in 2002 that I’ve been skiing out West.  If you are local and have any tips for us about our time out in Colorado please track me down during the event.