SQL PASS Summit Travel

I’m typically not used to cutting it close, but yesterday’s travel experience was just that.  From missing the cutoff for checking bags out of Kalamazoo International Airport (they must consider Minnesota as another country or that title’s been grandfathered in) to running from gate C890,000.0001 in Toledo to gate A98105 in Detroit at DTW in 10 minutes to make my flight to Seattle it was quite the experience.

However, now I’m here; awaiting my roommate, Tom LaRock aka @SQLRockstar, in the Sheraton lobby after already having a great lunch meeting with Yanni and Jon Robel, Kendra Little, Crys Manson, and the gigantamasaurus Jeremiah Peschka replete with spirited discussions about professional development, NoSQL, dietary habits of domesticated rabbits, tattoos, gay woodworking, hot dog water purfume, and scatalogical humor in great quantity.  The conference itself kicks into high gear tomorrow with the Brent Ozar Freecon, though there is some PASS business being conducted today. 

It’s not too late – you can still catch a flight to the moist and welcoming Emerald City and take part in the largest SQL Server conference in the world.  Put your servers on autopilot (if you have Data Center Edition it’s the red button marked DO NOT PUSH) and tell your manager to call you only if the SAN catches fire.  You need to get out here for the unbelievable assortment of speakers, topics, and insanity that is SQL PASS Summit 2010.  It will make you smart, cure your baldness, increase your stamina, and make you three inches taller.

Check out sqlpass.org for details!