The Most Experienced N00B In The Room

Today marks the start of my second week on the job with a new company in almost 11 years.  I severely underestimated what that means: new connection methods, new software, new communication tools, new naming conventions, processes, and workplace methodologies.  Heck, I have yet to even get exposed to new personnel/HR policies – I was just talking about the SQL Server side of things!

This is where experience works against you. You must unlearn much of what youve learned. I spent the better part of the previous week trying to work out all the idiosyncracies of the new environment and digging into my first project (of all things an SSIS solution!). Talk about learning on the job.  This is a project they’ve been trying to get going for a long time and they toss it to the new guy with limited SSIS experience!  It’s good knowing that I have extremely experienced friends and colleagues I can turn to though.  When I run into an SSIS issue that I can’t wrap my head around and I’ve exhausted all other means I contact Andy Leonard (though I try not to do so too often!) 

This goes back to what I stress about getting involved and stepping outside your comfort zone(s).  In doing so you build these relationships and learn a great deal along the way.  You become a resource to others as you build contingent resources along the way.  This is not a concious or a planned process – you don’t wake up each morning and tell yourself you’re going to line up x number of contacts for when things fall apart though.  It’s a natural by-product of engaging those with similar interests and build meaningful relationships.  It’s what separates those that succeed and lead from those that simply “do”.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to my N00Bishness – but I’m only allowing myself to go by that title for a limited time.