SQLCruise 2010 Personalized Training ON A BOAT!


We're on a boat. Join Us!

That’s right.  We’re on a boat and Autotune is forbidden.  So is Auto_Growth.  But SQLCruise?  What is SQLCruise?   

Is it a SQL Saturday afterparty? 

Is it a Tweet-up at sea?  

 Is it a new training event unlike anything else that you’ve ever heard of? 

Kind of, sort of, and oh yes indeed!  

SQL Saturday #40 South Florida takes place in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL on July 31, 2010.  After a pleasant Sunday resting on the white sand beaches of Atlantic coast of Southern Florida Brent Ozar (web|Twitter) and I will be boarding the Carnival Imagination for a four day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico by the way of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (and of course returning back to Miami.)  While on the cruise Brent and I will be presenting four 2-3 hour sessions:  

Tuning SQL Server Step-by-Step  

Using Dynamic Management Views to Manage SQL Server  

Trouble with a Capital-T: Terabyte Databases  

The Hidden Booty of SQL Server  

…and MORE!  

“More”, you say?   

“Be a little bit more specific Tim”, you say.  

I can’t, because we don’t know who is coming and that is important because the training will be fluid outside of class as well as during class.  We’ll be able to address more questions – offer longer and more-detailed answers – than we are when we present 50 minute sessions at various events because we’re not on a rigid clock.  At SQL Saturday Chicago I was frustrated because I was unable to finish my sessions on time because of the 50-minute constraints.  I swear this never happens to me.  Questions would arise in the session and I would have to rush through them in order to keep some form of schedule in order to present the limited amount of information I could deliver in the block I was alotted.  When presenting in a 2-3 hour session the discussions can be more fluid and the topic can be explored at the fathom level, rather than the skiming the shoals.  Look at that, he made a reference to being on a boat.  How clever!  Furthermore, good or bad – you’re stuck with us.  You board the ship with us.  You attend classes presented by us.  One wrong turn by the first mate and you’re stranded on an island with us until syndication kicks in.  All that time to ask the questions that arise from your daily experiences and you have us at your disposal.  

This is going to cost a fortune, right?  

Nope.  The price is so good I’m not going to quote it to you here.  You’ll need to head over to the SQLCruise website for that.  They don’t call this a teaser for nothing.