Quizbowl 2010 SQLebrity Contestants Announced

It’s that time of year again when all thoughts in the SQL Community turn to the PASS Summit.  The Summit wouldn’t seem the same without the kickoff reception and it’s Virtual Chapter Quizbowl event.  It’s hard to believe that Louis Davidson and I have been doing this now since we came up with the idea for the 2004 Summit in Orlando, Florida.  Here we are now 6 years later and our promise to you is to build upon the success of last year’s turn towards a SQLebrity event where we bring those who we expect to have all the answers up on stage and throw questions at them to see just how much they do know about SQL, technology, and geek culture.  As we learned last year, though they were down in the first half of the competition – no one put’s baby Kim Tripp and Paul Randal in a corner!  They came roaring down the stretch and blew the competition away!

This year we bring you the following teams:  no married couples except for Tom LaRock and Denny Cherry this year though after Kim and Paul’s complete thrashing of their competition.  Here, for your consideration are this year’s teams:

Team 1:  Allen White (blog|twitter) and Wendy Pastrick (blog|twitter)

Team 2: Buck Woody (blog|twitter) and Jen McCown (blog|twitter)

Team 3: Tom Larock (blog|twitter) and Denny Cherry (blog|twitter

Team 4: Kendra Little (blog|twitter) and Jeremiah Peschka (blog|twitter)

Join us Monday night, November 8th, 2010 at the SQL PASS Summit for 30 minutes of fun and prizes.  Details to come at SQLPASS.org and via the SQL PASS Connector!