Watching The Clock

Wednesday, February 16th?

In the continuing saga of my son Trevor, today was a frustrating day of watching the clock.  For the last 36 hours the routine has been the same:  he eats, he hurts, he hits the Junior DBA’s room, he cries, he rests, we walk the halls of the childrens ward.  Repeat.

It’s frustrating to a person such as myself who is extremely impatient by nature and not good with emotions.  I expect that once his body works we go home.  That was two days ago.  Holding strong for the family is wearing thin and I’m feeling guilty for feeling these vain thoughts.  Looking back at today all I see is woe-is-me.  Concerning me. 

Yep, that's from Roger Federer!

Today one of the greatest things that could ever happen to a 10-year-old kid occurred and it was overshadowed from the pain Trevor feels when he excercises the stomach that has

Thank you Yanni and Roger!

 sat idle for over two weeks – he was acknowledged by his #1 sports idol.  Thanks to our dear friend Yanni, whom I Amy and I first met when she was a student of mine on our first SQL Cruise last year, we were able to make contact with Roger Federer.  No less than 3 days later Trevor received a letter from Roger acknowledging he read this blog and saw his forehand in the original post on Trevor’s situation.  He also sent Trevor a pair of wristbands, an autographed calendar, autographed desk calendar, and autographed headband.  Amy cried when she opened the box for Trevor – he didn’t believe it at first.  When asked about his pain by his nurse his reply was “what pain?” 

That salve lasted until his next meal.

We’re being told he has a good chance of coming home tomorrow, but his pain complicates the matter.  We’re being told it’s normal.  He has not run a fever in almost a week.  His white blood count is in the 8,000s (normal).  He is gaining weight, and is showing good color.  His abdomen is no longer sore and his wounds are healing quite well.  We should be home tomorrow.  Hell, I’d love us to be home now.  However, we sit here waiting.  Frustrated.  Tired.  Starting to fracture at the seams. 

Hopefully tomorrow brings the healing process home, which is good.  Trevor has a lot of thank you cards to write and needs to rest up in a familiar place for the task at hand.

Thank you all again for everything you’ve done for us – from the home-cooked meals by Amy’s co-workers and Trevor’s teacher to the generosity from the SQL community that have never met Trevor and the neighbors and classmates that have.  To Mr. Federer and his staff and family who made a little boy forget his pain if even for a little while.  We all appreciate the things you’ve done for us and it has (and continues) to carry us through some very difficult times.