SQL Cruise and Brent Ozar PLF Announcement

The weather is unseasonably warm here in the Midwest and when that first bit of Spring hits we traditionally open the windows and let the fresh breeze tame the stale winter air that’s been locked in our homes the past 6 months.  We try on our swimsuits.  We cringe at the amount of muffin-topiness that comes from our premature desire for Summer to get here already.  We go through our closets and bag the old to make room for the new.  Spring Fever.  Spring Cleaning.  Whatever it is we are in the midst of it and it seems like the perfect time to also announce, or rather to clarify a change that took place when the leaves were in a colorful death grip with the branches they called home for the previous three seasons.

I’m no longer a partner with Brent Ozar, PLF.  Our organizations parted ways in the early Fall of 2011.  When we originally looked at forming a partnership together it was under the premise that I’d focus on managing the SQL Cruise events and that Brent, Jeremiah Peschka, and Kendra Little would be heading up the consulting side of the company.  After a full day at work in a position I enjoy I found myself spending most evenings and weekends building a company focused on consulting, when my interests lay in education and community involvement.  Since SQL Cruise events occur 1-2 times per year and consulting is a constant effort we quickly began to see where our interests were not aligning.  It made sense to terminate the arrangement early in the founding process and before SQL Cruise 2012 was announced.  It was the right thing for myself; for my family; and for Brent, Jeremiah, and Kendra.

Brent Ozar PLF has no ownership over or rights to SQL Cruise.  It is managed through my consulting company, B-Side Consulting, LLC.  Likewise I have no ownership interest in Brent Ozar PLF.  We remain friends; they even continue to host the first edition of my Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects on their site so be sure to check it out over there when you have a few moments.  The logo and corporate identity may include references to me, but that will change in due time.  Many of you were aware of this change in ownership but I don’t think there was ever a public announcement of this event until now.

I wish Brent Ozar, Jeremiah Peschka, and Kendra Little nothing but success in their future endeavors.  They are good at what they do and contribute greatly to the community.  I look forward to all three of them joining me as presenters aboard SQL Cruise in Alaska this May along with Kevin Kline and Allen White.