In All Fairness…

Not ALL Vendors Lick These for Sexual Gratification

I often rail against Third Party Vendors in my posts here and also on Twitter and on any other virtual stump I can climb onto.  It is refreshing when I have conversations like I just had with a technical representative from a software developer whose product we have purchased and used for a number of years who I’ve been dealing with recently for an upgrade of their product.

This particular product, on the surface, looks like something I’d be punching hard against: Access ADP front-end running against a SQL 2000 database.  However, the company is in the process of upgrading to .Net in their next release and have certified on SQL 2005 and SQL 2008.  The engineer I’m working with has shown obvious interest in learning more about how to improve the product’s performance and how it interacts with the database.  We just spent time outside of the actual process of working on the upgrade discussing security, t/sql, and interaction with Access and SQL and it was refreshing.

That leads me on to admitting that not all vendors are like the fungus that grows between the hooves of Satan’s unclean oldest daughter.  They don’t all nurse from the inverted teat of a diseased San Clemente goat.  Some even actually reproduce normally.  Therefore I am going to do my best to pull out a smaller brush in the future and reserve the broad one for discussing my love of all things bacon and Canadian Prog Rock.

I know I’ve been quiet for a while now.  My illness and extended vacation to warm climates are in my rearview mirror now.  So expect to see daily posts relating to The SQL N00B Crew kicking into gear soon!