24 Hours of PASS Starts Today

It’s almost time to grab that laptop of yours, sit down on the couch and dig in for 24 hours of extreme SQL Server training by the foremost experts in the community today.  I was going to mention something about all the great SQL talent on your lap into the wee hours of the morning, but on second thought did not find that too appropriate.  Unless it’s consensual I never recommend you placing SQL talent on your lap.  Also over the course of 24 straight hours of SQL talent on your lap you may be susceptible to second degree burns to any exposed skin.  Perhaps placing a cookie cooling rack on your lap first is a good suggestion.  Then again you’ll look like you stuck your junk in a George Foreman by GMT UTC on 9/3/2009 so nevermind.  Oops, I think I digressed.

Point is, by registering you can sit in on 24 continuous hours of free. (FREE? Yes FREE!) SQL Server training.  It costs you nothing by your time and perhaps a case of Rockstar Energy drinks.  Get to your Manager while you still have some time, tell them you need to work from home tomorrow because you’re going to get your 24 hour dose of SQL training without costing the company a cent.  Stop on your way home tonight, pick up as much caffeine, in as much variety as possible.  Take a nap and wake up by 19:00 EST because there is going to be some good stuff available on the cheap.