PASS Summit 2009 Quizbowl Wrap Up

Thank you for all attending last night’s Quizbowl at the PASS Summit 2009 opening reception.  It went well.  I expect to have still shots to be able to post at some point once I get them from HQ.  If you could not attend you missed the best one yet!  As fully-expected we had a horse race – a two horse race with both horses on the same team.  Yes, the husband and wife SQL Wonder Twins of Kim Tripp and Paul Randal came from a deficit of -350 mid-way through the game and won by upwards of 3000 points.

(Louis, next year be sure to not include any questions based upon the area of expertise of one of the contestants please?) 

A full list of this year’s questions will be posted on an update of this post once I have time to gather my content.  But right now it’s time for the opening keynote….