I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport with so many thoughts milling through my head over what a success our first ever SQL Cruise has been.  I’m doing my best to avoid any boat or water-related puns whatsoever (we’ve heard them all over the last 4 days – trust me.) 

This will in no way, shape, nor form be a comprehensive wrap-up of the events of the last four days.  I’ve not the time nor the energy for that right now.  Key West at 7:30 am on Tuesday, followed by long days ending with late nights of Karoke and comedians then back up and at it for training for two straight mornings at 7:00 am had me already wiped out.  Add to that the early arrival at the Port of Miami this morning and I’m doing all I can not to fall asleep at the keyboard. 

I simply wanted to take a quick bit of time to thank our sponsors:  SQL Sentry, Quest Software, Red Gate Software, and for all they did to financially and spiritually support us in this first (now proven) endeavor.  I also wanted to thank the amazing group of Cruisers we had on this first cruise.  The group we had was simply amazing.  A great balance of experienced and newer SQL Server Professionals that were also some of the most outgoing, intelligent, genuine, and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of standing up in front of. 

Both Brent and I will be blogging about this experience in the days to come.  We also plan on announcing the future of SQL Cruise quite soon as well.  But first I think some much-deserved sleep is in order.  Be sure to look to Flickr over the next week or so for any photos tagged with the SQLCruise tag.  Our cruisers were actively snapping shots when not in class and I am quite interested in seeing SQL Cruise from their side of the lens.