The Divide

The Divide

Today marks the first day of a much needed vacation.  It comes on the heels of a very successful SQL Saturday I was able to take part in at Colorado Springs, CO.  Besides delivering a successful presentation for the locals of Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding area I was able to help out a former SQL Cruiser by critiquing his session, I was able to meet some great people who slog through the data trenches like I do, and I was able to sit in on some fantastic sessions that I will be able to employ immediately when I return back to the office in a few days.

That was yesterday though.  Today I’m in full on Dad Mode.

It’s important to take time when you have it (and even when you don’t) to be do things with the ones you love or simply be with the ones you love.  That’s why I’m taking time away – stepping back – crossing the virtual divide between working and occasionally (okay, usually) not knowing when to stop for the day at the expense of my family to expend some much needed time with my family.  I brought Austen with me to Colorado Springs with the understanding that the first part of the trip would be about me learning, teaching, and networking with the SQL Community.  It is what keeps me sharp at my job and keeps me involved.  The rest of the trip was all his.

Two other events in the #SQLFamily this weekend drove home the fragility of life and the value of spending the time you have wisely.  One friend lost his mother while another celebrated an achievement that  year ago was considered impossible by most standards.

We have jobs to earn money so we can support our families and ourselves as well as to have the luxury of doing things with them that make us (and them) happy.  Some of us are lucky enough to truly love the jobs we have.  I am one of those people as are those individuals with whom I surround myself.  The issue we have is that the off switch sometimes gets misplaced.  Next thing you know it’s too late.

The work is always going to be there – our loved ones may not be.  If you have PTO accrued it’s something you have earned.  Spend it.  Don’t collect it like a trophy.  It doesn’t signify a victory.  It only measures lost opportunities.

PS: Pat, I’m sorry to hear about your mother.  #SQLFamily is there for you.

PPS:  Yanni, I’m so proud of you and all that you continue to accomplish.