Las Vegas, Portland, and Seattle Speaking Engagements

Las Vegas, Portland, and Seattle Speaking Engagements

I’ll be presenting five sessions over the next week or so at SQL Connections in Las Vegas, Portland SQL Saturday, and the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit in Seattle. I am taking a couple of days off (gasp!) to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time too in order to do things like dangle off the edge and drive my wife crazy as well.

I’d love to chat with you at these events – track me down and let me know what you like and don’t (okay, let’s not talk about that) on or approach me on any questions you may have – I’m here to help!

SQL Connections

Managing a Consolidated Instance In this discussion-themed session we’ll go over what makes databases good candidates for consolidation and just as importantly which ones do not. We look at security, configuration, application, and auditing requirements as decision factors and what may be a good excuse to shun your standards. Finally I’ll dig into scripts to look at performance and resource consumption at the database level on a consolidated instance.

Performance-Enhancing Laziness In today’s economy we find ourselves having to do more with less. One solution is working 60-80 hours a week. However I advocate for working smarter – not harder. Come join me as I go through the tips, tools, and techniques I’ve used in my 13 years as an enterprise DBA.

The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects: The Sequel In my reboot of my session on Dynamic Management Objects I go over (briefly) how I’ve classified the DMOs and then spend the remainder of the session digging into scripts built on the DMOs that allow you to diagnose and tune performance issues, get configuration information on your instances, and find out what users are doing in your databases.

SQL Saturday Portland

Performance-Enhancing Laziness This will be a pared-down version of the presentation I’m offering at SQL Connections.

Professional Association for SQL Server Summit

You Can Do That with SQL? One Part Transact SQL + One Part Evel Kenievel = 20 ways you may not think to use T/SQL to solve problems and find answers.