Why I Won’t Be Switching to Windows 8 Anytime Soon

I think monkeys are great.  I think goats are pretty interesting too.  However it’s a bizarre conglomeration when you see the two together…

The same goes for a tablet O/S on a conventional laptop or desktop unit.  This leads into why I will be holding off on upgrading to the latest Microsoft operating system for the following reasons:

1. I don’t own a Microsoft Based Tablet.

2.  The Microsoft Surface is still not available.

3.  I’ve learned now that migrating to the latest anything is something to not be undertaken lightly.  Change for change sake is not something I believe in.

That being said I am looking forward to eventually seeing this on the Microsoft Surface and wish Microsoft success in that aggressive path.  The world is a better place when you have choices and that will prove to be an interesting parry to Apple’s thrust.

… by the way, does anyone know how they were able to get these creatures to sit still while they stapled the monkey to the goat’s back?