MOO Cards

I finally received my MOO cards today and the RAWK!  I must thank Brent Ozar for turning me onto these things via his original blog on the subject.

If you’re not familiar with MOO cards, they are approximately 1″ x 2.5″, are printed with your 4-color design from photos you supply and 1-color text on the reverse side.  Think business cards with style.  They are packaged in lots of 100 and you can supply 1-100 different images for your design set.  The process to order was a piece of cake – the hardest part was narrowing down the images from the thousands I had on my external hard drive.

Granted the price was considerably more than the typical business card: $19.99 for 100, but these are cards I’m looking forward to giving out and they are cards that will stand out.

When shameless self-promotion is the game these cards make me a winner!