Shareables: Week of February 17, 2013

How Does the Cloud Change a System Architect’s Job

In which Microsoft’s Buck Woody (twitter|blog) concisely explains how Microsoft Azure will impact enterprise architectures in the very near future.  (Oh, and he’ll be our Featured Speaker on SQL Cruise Alaska in May 2013 too if you’re interested in joining us.  Buck will be hosting Career Development Workshops on the SQL Cruise, but I’m sure we’ll also hit Azure really hard during the Office Hours in Alaska: click me to see what Buck has to say about Azure.


As a Wolverine I Still Appreciate Duh Ohio State University… Band Program

I’m a former Choir Geek and father of an amazing Band Geek. This is a great post about an incredible band program that just happens to be associated with a mediocre football program from the Muckeye State: The OSU Marching Band: A Lesson in Coordination.


Get Your Feet Wet in Hadoop on Microsoft Azure

Want to get a head start on others when it comes to familiarizing yourself with HDInsight (Apache Hadoop running on MS Azure) then go out here and get your very own Hadoop cluster to pound around on for a week for F-R-E-E: HDInsight for the People!.


Food & Wine Pairings Poster

Taking the mystery out of it all but you’re on your own when trying to pair anything with asparagus, artichokes and brussel sprouts: Visit Wine Folly.


It Appears I’m an Everything Nerd

I think over the last couple weeks I’ve mentioned I’m a photography nerd, former choir geek, computer geek and I also will admit to nerding out on music and comedy as well. Albert Brooks (twitter) has been a quiet force of comedic fury for decades and recently he steered his Twitter followers to this little nugget on the Tonight Show from 1983 (when it was still helmed by Johnny Carson and was therefore worth required watching: I miss Johnny Carson.


Michael J Swart is (Whatever is the New Word for) Awesome

Triggers on Views? What kind of monster madness is this?: It’s gonna be okay.