Here we are in the middle of the event that energizes and educates so many individuals from around the world in the SQL Server Community: The Professional Association for SQL Server Summit 2012 in Seattle, Washington.

Whether I’m having informal conversations with “First Timers” in line while waiting for coffee; sitting in a 500 level mind-hammering session from Bob Ward; meeting those such as Paul White who truly had no idea how much of a following he had in the United States and how well-respected he is outside of New Zealand; or “talking shop” with those friends I’ve collected over my 11 years of volunteering, educating, and attending PASS Summits I’m amazed at how much this event and this organization means to the SQL Community.

I’m also re-energized to focus my content here at theSQLAgentMan.com on those who may be new to, or struggling with the basics of Microsoft SQL Server.  I met a gentleman today in line while waiting for my 6-shot latte (it is Seattle after all) who was new to SQL Server.  He has many years of experience with Sybase and up until recently he thought Microsoft SQL Server was on par with MySQL and other lower-level database management systems.

His eyes have been opened after just one pre-con from Allen White and a day of sessions here at the summit.

It is because of my brief conversation with him that I’ve realized that thanks to the advancements in SQL Server and up-ticks in the economy there are many individuals coming into contact with SQL Server for the first time.  Because of this, I’ll be focusing my content here for 2013 towards those who are new to the product so many of us know and love.

Of course I’ll also be keeping you informed on other aspects of SQL Server and SQL Cruise.  I’m not abandoning my existing focuses – just augmenting and expanding it.  A good friend, mentor, and Guest Educator for SQL Cruise, Buck Woody has challenged me in the past to set goals and then measure them to ensure they are met.  My goals for the coming months will be to target those fresh to SQL Server and work to elevate them to success in this product.

Do you want to get more SQL Server training with a side of free consulting, professional development, networking, and rejuvenation? Then join me and other leaders in the SQL Server Community (including Buck Woody, Aaron Bertrand, Kevin Kline, Stacia Misner, and Allen White) in 2013 for SQL Cruise 2013 where we will cover not just the technical side of SQL Server, Powershell, and Business Intelligence, but also the aspects of your skill set that make you a more valuable resource for your company and yourself.


As newcomers to SQL Server I could not recommend SQL Cruise enough because of not only the technical sessions but because of the exposure to those who educate, consult, and live SQL Server.  Not just during the class time scheduled, but all cruise long… (they’re not going anywhere – it is a ship after all!)

So, first timers at the SQL PASS Summit and newcomers to Microsoft SQL Server: seek me out at the Summit or stay tuned here in the coming months.  Let’s chat about Microsoft SQL Server.