SQL PASS Rally 2012 Presentation Files Available

A BIG Texas thank you to all who attended my session on Dynamic Management Objects at the SQL PASS Rally in Dallas, Texas this week.  I had a great time and also learned quite a bit from my fellow speakers.  Hopefully you also found the time to get some free and extremely valuable training from the Microsoft CSS and CAT Teams at the SQL Clinic while you were there.  I know that time I spent with them more than compensated for the travel costs my company and I incurred to attend this event!

Enough about everyone else though, let’s talk about me.  My slide deck and scripts have been uploaded as I promised to the Presentation Files page on my website (http://thesqlagentman.com/go/presentations.)  They’re also at the SQL PASS Rally Portal.

See you in Chicago, IL for SQL Saturday 119 next weekend (perhaps) on SQL Cruise the following weekend, and also coming up soon at SQL Saturday Kalamazoo, SQL Connections, and SQL PASS Summit 2012 in Seattle.