So Long, and Thanks for All the #IHaveNothingThatRhymesWithFish

This is it.  I’ve signed out of work and am hitting the roads taking care of last minute chores for SQL Cruise 2012 Caribbean Keen Edition.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support what I’m trying to accomplish on SQL Cruise: technical training, soft-skills enhancement, and recharging the batteries of DBAs adventurous enough to attend.  I particularly want to single out the following companies and individuals whom have either directly contributed to supporting SQL Cruise by sponsoring the events over the years or have attended one of the SQL Cruises I’ve been producing since 2010:

Sponsors of All SQL Cruise Events

SQL Sentry
Red Gate

Current Sponsors

SQL Sentry
B-Side Consulting
Brent Ozar PLF
Idera Software
Red Gate

Previous Sponsors

Quest Software
Confio Software
Edgewood Solutions /

Current and Past Presenters

Aaron Bertrand
Brent Ozar
Buck Woody
Grant Fritchey
Jeremiah Peschka
Kendra Little
Kevin Kline

Former and Current SQL Cruisers

SQL Cruise Miami 2010

Andrew Dykstra
Crys Manson
David Levy
Diane McNurlan
Erin Stellato
Jorge Segarra
Karen Lopez
Kendra Little
Matt Velic
Mike Reigler
Noel McKinney
Rebecca Mitchell
Ryan Malcom
Wayne Starnes
Yanni Robel

SQL Cruise Miami 2011

Bill Sanscrainte
Crys Manson
Gareth Swanepoel
Gary Hines
Joe Murray
Marc Belanger
Mike Decuir
Mitch Bottell
Richard Zuech

SQL Cruise Alaska 2011

Brad Harker
Christina Leo
Denny Cherry
Dev Nambi
Doug Lane
George Bailey
James O’Doherty
John Halunen
Klaus Aschenbrenner
Kyle Brandt
Neil Hambly
Noel McKinney
Russ Snyder
Ryan Malcom
Yanni Robel

SQL Cruise Caribbean 2012

Bill Sanscrainte
Carl Brosseau
De Wet Erasmus
Ivan Rodriguez Camejo
James Rudley
Patrick Lynch
Richard Zuech
Ryan Adams
Steven Ormrod

I also want to thank  those individuals that have helped to spread the word along the way to the SQL Community and the world about SQL Cruise or who have provided support, guidance, publicity, and all those things friends shouldn’t take for granted but often do.   I know I am leaving out a great number of people but please understand this happens with age.

Friends of SQL Cruise

Adam Machanic
Allen Kinsel
Allen White
Amy Muehlman
Andy Leonard
Annabel Bradford
Argenis Fernandez
Bill Graziano
Don Bergal
Emily Thurman
Greg Gonzalez
Hanna Jermy
Heather Sullivan
Jason Strate
Jen Stirrup
Jes Borland
Joe Sack
John Robel
Jonathan Kehayias
Karla Landrum
Kimberly Tripp
Mike Walsh
Nadine Pyter
Nick Harshbarger
Nigel Sammy
Pat Wright
Paul Randal
Peter Shire
Peter Ward
Pinal Dave
Rob Farley
Robert Davis
Steve Jones
Steven Mitchell
Ted Krueger
TJay Belt
Tom LaRock


I Told You So

When I’m told that SQL Cruise is too small to have a significant reach can simply look  at those names on this list and the amount of impact they have on the global SQL Server Community and know that statement is wrong.

I can look back on the last two years with pride and see what impact SQL Cruise has had on my Cruisers’ lives both professionally and personally.  MVP awards.  Presidential assignments.  Career advancements.  Friendships and networking that have led to great things…

The Journey is Almost Complete

It’s been a great trip that’s about to conclude with the cruise that starts this week and the final SQL Cruise, Alaska 2012 this May.  Perhaps you’ll join us and be one of the success stories of SQL Cruise.

Thank you all.  It’s been a joy and the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done professionally.

– Tim