Learn365 Revisited

TSQL2sDay150x150It’s great that I can start the year off with proactively writing a post for #TSQLTuesday.  Normally I find myself on the other side of the multitude of arbitrary deadlines I set for myself – getting things accomplished fast enough for others usually means I fail to meet my expectations.  If it’s one point that keeps popping up in yearly performance reviews it’s that I move too fast.

How is that a bad thing?

I don’t know, but in corporate America apparently it is.

I’ve resolved in the past to work on this – restrain myself from pushing my lack of patience rapid agenda on others.  I’m getting better, really.  I am.

Contrary to this point I’m trying to convince myself of – that (cue Monty Python Voice) “I’m getting better!” I’ve already written and published the post for this month’s #TSQLTuesday A FULL WEEK AGO.  The topic for this month’s TSQLTuesday is Standing Resolute, which also encompasses resolutions and revolutions.  Therefore, take a look at this post from earlier this month on the resolution I’ve not only set for myself, but for those joining me on SQL Cruise this year and anyone else who cares to share, is driven to learn new things daily, and is truly, horribly, utterly he’s going to avoid the Oxford Comma and say the s-word shitty at documenting.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Nerds, Geeks, Friends, Trolls… I give you #Learn365.

Oh, and I’m also resolving to stop using the Oxford Comma, to make better use of ie, and also avoid improper use of eg.  (Damn, there goes another Oxford Comma!)