It Was An Honor To Be Nominated

Stephen A. Douglas, Horatio Seymour, Horace Greeley, Adlai Stevenson, Geraldine Ferraro, Al Gore, Wendell Willkie, John McCain.  A list of notable names of those seeking office whom did not reach that goal. 

You can add my name to that list.  Just not next to Geraldine Ferraro.  She’s handsy.

The nominees for the PASS Board of Directors have been announced and I am not on the final cut.  I know of two of the fine individuals who were nominated to the final slate.  I leave it to them to make their announcements. 

I am satisfied with not making the slate, with the understanding that those who did have:

  • A solid record of volunteerism within PASS with a history of success in their endeavors
  • Skills that will benefit PASS in the current global economic conditions
  • Strong history of leadership
  • The ability to hold their Jagermeister

Perhaps the last one is a stretch.  No one puts Baby in a corner and no one keeps Jager down for long. 

I am not going anywhere.  I will continue to stand up in front of you all at the opening reception and make a fool out of myself.  I will continue to make myself a presence on the Programming Committee until they drag me away.  I will continue to volunteer where needed and will continue to try to get others to do likewise. 

Congratulations to those who are now comprising the final slate of candidates.  I expect you to now tell me and all my friends out there reading this why you deserve our vote.  Forget kissing babies (pig flu concerns).  Forget shaking hands (pig flu concerns).  Tell us what you’ve done for PASS, what you plan on doing for PASS, and what skills outside of PASS you bring to the playground.