I’m an MVP

Yes, at least in the eyes of the SQL Server Community and Microsoft I am.  I received notice last night shortly after I fell asleep according to Twitter. 

In the past I’ve said publicly that it’s an honor that individuals have recognized the level of energy and passion I put into the work I do for the community and that the MVP nod does not mean as much as simply knowing that others see the contributions I make as an enrichment to the world they spend most of their days in (and in our profession, many of their night-time hours too.)  However, to finally see that Microsoft recognizes this as well is humbling and I am incredibly happy to have received the award.  

More on the MVP Program can be found here.  (This is specifically for my extended family who still doesn’t know what a DBA is let alone an MVP.)

What is even more humbling is that Microsoft and others in the community already thought I was  an MVP or that it was long overdue.  Thank you all for the kind thoughts and messages.

Thank you again Andy Leonard for nominating me.  No matter what your wife says you’re a gentleman and a scholar (and have an oddly large amount of teeth.)  Thank you also to Suzanna Moran and Ali Brooks at Microsoft.  This must be a fun day for you all, but also bittersweet in some cases. 

I’d also like to thank the Academy.  Not sure which one, so let’s just say Police Academy 2.  I’d also like to thank my family, most of my friends, some of my co-workers, and the Alimighty (both Bruce and Evan.)  I could not have done it without you, Water Street Coffee, Microsoft Zune, Rush, Bell’s Beer, the fine art of multi-tasking, SQLServerAgent service (for making my life easier through automation), telecommuting, and of course (and seriously) The Professional Association for SQL Server.

Now it’s time for some MVP of cured meat – celebratory bacon!