Buck Woody Has Issues

I’ve been orbiting in and around Buck Woody’s (web / twitter) circle of sweetness since we co-presented on SQL Server DMVs yesterday for Quest Software’s Breakfast with the Experts panel.  Without getting into what I’ve learned from him on a technical level (much) I did learn that he is an equal-opportunity offender.  Here is just the list of those that Jen McCown (the better half of MidnightDBA.com / twitter) kept count of in his final session (on Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2008).

Fat People 1
Lara Rubelke 1
I Phone 3
Homeless 2
Dolly Parton  
Country Music Fans  
Old People 2
Diet Cola  
Developers 3
Users 2
Sean McCown 3
Brent Ozar and Jason Massie  
Washington State DOT 2
Road Crews  
Happy People  
Al Gore  
Cuban Mob  
Airlines, Not Alaska Airlines  
United Airlines In Particular 2
Oracle 5
Lab Rats  
Geoff Hiten 2
Buck Woody’s Parents (for naming him)  
Metrosexuals Eating Bananas In Public  
Metrosexuals Not Eating Bananas In Public  
Fake Blondes  
Microsoft Users  
Grant Fritchey  
Sharon Stone  
Young Women  
Old Women  
Young Women Who Look Like Old Women  
Paul Randal 4
Circus Folk  
The Scottish Circus Folk Who Sired Paul Randal  
Bald People  
Eddie Munster  
Lawn Service Companies  
Lawn Service Companies That Hire Aging Child Actors  
Allen White (for taking a call in the session)  
Government Work  

Seriously though; all comments made in jest and the session was great.