A SQL Saturday Sequel: Van Halen or Van Hagar?

New Coke?  Crystal Pepsi? Gary Cherone standing on stage next to Michael Anthony and Eddie Van Halen?  Failed attempts to add engery and re-invigorate a successful brand due to either attrition or evolution.  That is where we are now with the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) assimilation of the SQL Saturday program as recently announced.  One has to wonder why PASS, resources stretched already, would in this time for tight budgets and global financial difficulties care to add more to its plate.  Topic run-on sentence – complete.

This could go two ways; has someone set of an H-Bomb at the Swan Station? 

This is a critical junction.  We can end up with improvements in structure and organization between the regional organizers for the various events.  PASS could hire additional resources to support the SQL Saturday initiative.  This should be a dedicated position that is only reponsible for SQL Saturday.  If PASS really wants to grow SQL Saturday into a top-line regional education concept it is going to take resources.  This means it will also take cold hard cash.  In today’s economy I recommend gold.  Or high fructose corn syrup.  Both still in high demand.  Where is this funding going to come from?  Currently SQL Saturday is supported by an assortment of local and national corporate sponsors.  Is that going to remain the case?  Is Microsoft going to step up to the ATM?  CA?  Both are founding sponsors for PASS – is that going to carry through to SQL Saturday as well?  

<Gasp> Is SQL Saturday no longer going to be a free event? </gasp>  

If so, let Pat Morita know that he’s about to don the white apron at Al’s.  (Look it up kids.  Some of us born in the 60’s and 70’s will catch that.) 

However, what PASS has done with its acquisition of the SQL Saturday brand is that they hit the ground at a brisk pace in their long-held desire to go regional with smaller summits augmenting the annual Fall summit.  

Don’t get me wrong – I laud the move made by PASS to go regional.  I also want to make sure no harm comes to either party.  If resources are appropriated at correct levels then this will be a success.  The HQ staff at PASS are a solid group and I have no qualms that they are qualified to pull this off. 

Just make sure we end up with this: 

Give Us This And We're Happy


Not this:  

Detroit Fail