Saturday Night’s Alright for Fight Club

Brent Ozar may have stirred up a street fight between the SQL Server MVPs and Access MVPs heading into the annual Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond next week.  An opening salvo was a blog post on called Top 10 Reasons Why Access Still Rocks for Developers.  One or two points were well-made, but as a former Access Developer I have to disagree with most points made.  Brent made a point-by-point argument against the post before the pixels had a chance to cool on and, Brent being Brent and Me being Me, there was a Twitter discussion about the post.

In the discussion he figured that there would be a cadré of Access MVPs waiting for him at the baggage claim in Sea-Tac on Monday.  I envision this as a retelling of the street fight scene from Anchorman in which Ron Burgundy and his misfit collection of reporters take on rival television station personalities with axes, saws, hammers, and many other forms of pain-inflicting paraphernalia.

Below is an artists rendering.  I cite the Limbaugh-Palin clause of satire in case anyone is offended.

It really got ugly when the Access MVPs requested the sa password.

Just poking a little fun.  See all of you MVPs next week.  Oh, and if you utter the phrase NDA I know where I can get my hands on a broken Jagermeister bottle.