On The 12 Days of SQL Christmas…


On the first day of Christmas Twitter gave to me:  A witty comment from @buckwoody
On the second day of Christmas a purchase order gave to me:  A Standard Edition two node cluster
On the third day of Christmas Gottfried Leibniz gave to me: 11 cheers for binary
On the fourth day of Christmas my Manager gave to me:  A four day weekend 
On the fifth day of Christmas the SAN Team gave to me: RAID 5 for data!  
On the sixth day of Christmas the server engineers gave to me:  six solid state drives NOT spinning  
On the seventh day of Christmas SQL Cruise gave to me: A seven day Alaskan SQL Cruise  
On the eighth day of Christmas my server gave to me:  eight cores for parallel processing     
On the ninth day of Christmas a vendor gave to me:  nine XXXL t-shirts        
On the tenth day of Christmas Twitter gave to me:  RAID 10 for logs!  
On the eleventh day of Christmas my Junior DBA gave to me: 11/12 of a dozen donuts… HEY! WHERE IS MY LONGJOHN?
On the twelfth day of Christmas PASS gave to me: day one of the 24 Hours of PASS


I don’t have the energy to repeat em.  Besides who needs 12 witty comments from @buckwoody, 22 two-node Standard Edition clusters, and 36 XXXL t-shirts among other things!  I wish everyone a <politically_correct_holiday_greeting,varchar(150), Merry Christmas>!