A Day of Great News

Today, March 2, 2011 11:00 am PST

I left for the west coast on Saturday last in order to attend a couple of events that I was scheduled for before all of the things that arose out of Trevor’s appendectomy back on 1/31.

Things were proceeding nicely at that point. I won’t say I didn’t have reservations about going – Oh I had RESERVATIONS, but we felt we were in the clear.

Since then, Trevor is now off of morphine, not hooked up to the IV, and was able to break free of the floor for a bit. He is progressing, but bloated and constipated. We’re hoping this is because of the morphine so that this should all pass and we will head home. Last night was extremely rough for everyone; Trevor yelling at Amy, Amy railing against me, me throwing it right back at her from 2,000 miles away.  Last night was perhaps the worst night of our collective married life of 16+ years.  Never go to bed angry is a good rule. We realized that our stress level is in the red and the gears are starting to shred, but we’re hopefully almost done and just need to go a litttttttle longer. We worked things out and woke up on friendly terms, albeit from 2,000+ miles away.  They took X-Rays this morning to check on the constipation – no results yet. I also received the following email and photo from Amy:

Trev has not been hungry So they have taken him off his TPN during the day to make his body want food.  They will put him back on it at night to help him get back from being so malnutrition.  That being said the doctor allowed Trevor to leave the hospital peds floor.  We went on a field trip to the gift shop and he picked out some of the puzzle animal erasers and a sucker.  We then continued onto the garden area (picture attached). Our last stop was to have lunch from the taco bar.  Trevor ate well considering.  We are all back upstairs resting.  After the fun activities of last night this has been a good day so far.
I just thought I would share an positive update on Trevor.  Please share with anyone I missed.




Today, March 3, 2011 1:55 pm PST

I’ve since found out that Trevor is going home tomorrow.  His Xrays showed the contrast had moved all the way through his colon and that life should be good.  No need to call Mario and Luigi – the plumbing is just fine! 

You have no idea what kind of relief this is to all of us.  Aparently it *is* always darkest before dawn.  I will have my handlers on call tonight in and around the greater Seattle area should I feel the need to celebrate a little too vigorously!

Thank you all for supporting us – Trevor in particular – over the past 31 days.  He still has a long recovery (4-6 weeks) once we return, but he is assuredly on the way back to normal.