Shareables: Week of February 3, 2013

Shareables: Week of February 3, 2013

New DMV in Microsoft SQL Server Azure for Wait Stats

In which fellow SQL Server MVP, SQL Cruise Technical Lead, Red-Gate Superstar and ex-Sub Mariner Grant Fritchey (twitter | blog) tells us all about a recent discovery he made concerning Dynamic Management Objects (yay) in the SQL Azure platform:  click me to go there.


Why SQL Data Compression Excludes LOB Data

In which fellow SQL Server MVP, Snooker Master and the only guy I know that has a name based upon a Rankin & Bass Christmas special character Hugo Kornelis (twitter | web) explains why LOB data does not get compressed in either of the two forms of native SQL Server data compression (row or page compression): Bumbles don’t bounce and LOB data doesn’t compress. See why here.


Isn’t This How Every Invasion from Outer Space Movie Ever Made Starts

It appears that unless Martian soil produces metal flowers or the Mars rover sheds parts there is something yet-to-be-explained afoot on the red planet: Maybe it’s Dr. Manhattan’s Artificial Hip.


Dick Clark and Ed McMahon Never Had the Space Balls to Show THESE Bloopers

If we geeks love two things more than coffee, over-clocking CPUs and kittens it’s:

  1. Watching people fail and
  2. Star Wars.

Thank you Mental Floss for offering up these Star Wars Bloopers.


Cumulative Update 2 Now Out for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1

There is a decent number of fixes included in this CU. If you’re experiencing any issues itemized in this article my recommendation is to install it. Read more here.