PASS Before Daylight – Fitness Room Meet-Up

No, not hook-up, meet-up…

I am organizing an informal meetup for those of you that want to keep up with the fitness routine while at the PASS Summit 2009 next week.  The Sheraton, where the majority of us are staying, has a great fitness center (excellent by many hotel standards.)  We’ll be meeting at the fitness room at 6:00 am (yes that is in the morning), but for us East-Coasters this should not be a big deal (thank you time zones and Daylight Savings Time!)   I know that it is hard to keep a routine when travelling, but I also find that working out in a group or class setting is a great motivator.  Figure on an hour.  Just doing your normal exercises, but in a social setting.  We’ll not be doing calesthenics in the courtyard or anything like that!  I’m not Alice’s cousin, Sergeant Emma Nelson from The Brady Bunch and this is also not a Phillipino prision.

Hope to see you there!