inActive August Final Results

Ok, so I mostly kept up my bargain of being inactive this month.  For the week of vacation in South Dakota I did succumb to hiking and climbing, but it was balanced by two days of driving there, and another two back home.  Whenever possible, I deposited sausage gravy upon all I could survey.  And oh did I eat bacon!   We encountered several breakfast buffets with a dedicated bacon haven where I half expected to see fairies dancing around the chaffing dish’s rim!

That being said however I still ended up going from 156# to 153#.  I also failed in my goal to reach a height of 5’10”.  All around failure on both accounts of fitting back into my mom jeans and getting taller.  Perhaps it was the sausage gravy was based on buffalo meat (far more leaner than delicious dead pigs fed with animal by-products?)  It could be because I cut about 3# of hair from my head last week before vacation.  I’ll put handfuls of gravel in my pockets next time I step on the Wii.

Seriously though, to those who took the matter far more seriously than I: congratulations!  I hope to see much less of you in November, just as you’ll wish to hear much less of me after November!