(in)Active August Post Two

Apparently I am supposed to list my goals for the month.  This thing has more rules than a marriage within the Royal Family of Great Britain.

Here goes:

  • Currently 156# and 5′ 7.5″ as of August 2nd, 2009.
  • Goal is to be 5’10” by the end of the month.  Weight to hold steady.

While I am here I may as well clock in with my inActivity results for the day as they should maintain themselves all day long:

  • Coffee, no breakfast
  • Mixed berry scone and triple expresso mid-morning
  • Ham, swiss, chicken on whole wheat lunch
  • Tandoori grilled chicken with jasmine rice for dinner
  • Leftover key lime pie for desert

You may notice there is no exercise or physical activity for the day.  Dammit, these meals did not make themselves!  Not to mention I need to occasionally walk to the bathroom or go out (gasp) and grab the mail.  Pretty productive I must say!

In related news, it appears that we have some catastrophic developments on the Active August initiative:  Chuck Boyce announced he is going to give up drinking and caffeine.  Yes, insanity has beset some of these participants and it is only three days in.  Chuck, how do you expect to lose weight without vommiting induced by alcohol?  Exercise?  What are you thinking?

P.S. Chuck, feel free to mail me your leftover potent potables.  I’d hate to see anything go to waste.

P.P.S. My wife still refuses to talk to me about this whole exercise class debacle on Saturday.  Anyone know the name of a good divorce lawyer that takes payment in bacon or tech support bartering?