My Laptop, Now With 100% More Lando!

 I’ve taken it as a goal to have my laptop all pimped out in time for my first in-person presentation at SQL Richmond on 10/8. Since I ran across my old Star Wars trading cards in my attic last month I thought I’d see if there were any of those old stickers in the cache as well.  Lo and behold there were and now they’ve made an appearance on my big 17″ (laptop that is.)

Still some landscape available.

 Yes, in the lower right hand corner, hovering around the seedy part of my laptop is that sly space pirate himself courtesy of the vintage sheet of 1980 Star Wars Trading Cards I found in my childhood home’s attic a month or so back. 

Colt 45 Malt Liquor Anyone?

I also have the letter stickers that were part of that series, but unfortunately have no “S” to go along with the “Q” and “L” that were ironically enough on the same sheet of two stickers.  Therefore a little creativity will be in order as soon as I fill up the cover of the laptop.  I give you EZ-SQL:

EZ (pronounced S)-Q-L

I need you help to make this a success.  Any quirky, cool, or interesting stickers are in demand.  If you have anything you would like to donate to the cause please email me and I’ll provide a snail mail address and publicity in exchange for the cost of the stamp!  Wacky Paks are in really high demand!