PASS Summit Day Two – Electric Boogaloo

Are We Not Men? No, We Are Men in Kilts!

After a much-needed early turn-in and long reboot period Day Two kicked off with a donning of the kilt for #SQLKilt Day, a trip to Le Panier with Tom LaRock, Colin Stasuikidkficc, um Edmonton Colin, and Erin Stellato. Along the way we picked up a few extra peeps. Coffee and pastries in hand we hit the bloggers table and settled in (remember in a kilt it’s sweep-and-sit folks) and embraced the sexy financials and then the technical 12 features of focus for SQL Server 2012.

Ah, the keynote… First of all, thank you Microsoft. This was much better than yesterday’s keynote, we did find out that SQL Azure will support 150Gb databases by the end of the year and a sporty new “Skinny Jeans and Hair Product” Metro interface to match what is coming for XBox and Windows 8 (and already in Windows Phone and Zune). We also learned that Microsoft does now support Zoomit in their keynote presentations, much to the delight of we at the bloggers’ table. What’s on the docket for today? Well I may I suggest you attend *my* Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects presentation at 3:00pm today?

If I’m not indulging in self promotion I would also recommend the other sessions:

  • Bad Habits to Kick with Aaron Bertrand

  • Performance Tuning Made Easy with Tom LaRock

  • Lightning Talks Day Dos with Neil Hambly, Amy Lewis, Chris Webb, Grant Fritchey, Gail Shaw, Nick Cain and others.

  • Joins, SARGability, and the Evils of Residualiciousness with Rob Farley

  • SQL Server Execution Plans – From Compilation to Caching to Reuse with Maciej Pilecki

  • Here’s to SQL. Here’s to Community. Here’s to Knowledge, with a side of fun.

  • Here’s to PASS.